Getting Salary and Hours Report data

Endpoint URL (POST):


Elements for Salary and Hours Report Data Request

LanguageStr 2Language options for report translations.

ET - estonian
EN - english
RU - russian
SortOptionIntSort by:

1 - Salary groups
2 - Alphabet
3 - Accounting month

The result if not empty:

EmployeeFullNameStr 65
SalaryTypeNameStr 128Salary type name can be found and changed if needed in Merit Palk > Payroll > Salary types.
Month6Str 6Accounting month when the salary was calculated.
HoursDecimal 5.2
SumDeciaml 18.2Salary sum
AccountCodeStr 12General Ledger account code
DepartmentStr 48
CostCenterStr 48
ProjectStr 48
EmployerUnempInsuranceDecimal 18.2Employer's Unemployment Insurance premium amount
SocialTaxDecimal 18.2
VacationReserveDecimal 18.2
TotalSumDecimal 18.2

The report in Merit Payroll can be found Payroll > Salaries and Working hours report.

Please be advised, that if there is salaries which have not been paid out in Merit Palk yet, they may affect the results in the report.

For example, here you can see a report of one month: