Getting Employee’s List

Endpoint URL (POST):


Elements for Employee’s List

Field NameTypeComment
FirstNameStr 32
SurNameStr 16
PersonalCodeStr 32Employees personal ID code
BankAccountNoStr 48IBAN
A1E101ISO2CodeStr 2Country's ISO2 code who had issued A1/E101 certification
AddressStr 64
PhoneNoStr 32
EmailStr 64
LanguageStr 2Employee's preferred reports language
TypeIdIntContract types:

1 – Employment contract
(est “Tööleping”)

2 – Board member contract
(est “Juhatuse liikme

5 – Contract of services
(est “Töövõtuleping”)

3 – Other contract

4 – No contract
StartDateDateContracts start date
EndDateDateContracts end date
ContractNoStr 64
TorIdStr 16Employment ID in Register
of Employment (est
„Töötamise register e
GenderStr 5Derived from employee's personal ID code
BirthDateDateDerived from employee's personal ID code