Creating Salaries and Withholdings or adding Amounts for Base Salaries

Endpoint URL (POST):


Query payload

Elements for Creating Salaries

Field nameTypeComment
ContractCodeStr 11Contract’s import code in
Merit Palk system or
employee’s Personal ID Code
TypecodeIntIf positive – Salary Type Import ID Code

If negative - Withholding Type
Import ID Code

Code must be found in company's database in Merit Palk. You can add the import ID's in Merit Palk in salary or withholding type cards to the field "import ID code".
TariffDecimal 14.6Salary rate for one unit (hour, day, piece etc).
AmountDecimal 12.4Amount of hours, days, months,
pieces or percentage.

Gross Amount of salary is
calculated by multiplying
Amount and Tariff.

Ignored in Withholding.
DepCodeStr 32Department Code. Ignored if
CCCodeStr 32Cost Center Code. Ignored if
PrCodeStr 32Project Code. Ignored if
NormHoursDecimal 12.2Normal working hours
NormDaysDecimal 12.2Normal working days
MonthIntActive month.
YearIntActive year.
DocNameStr 64Name or a number of the