Representation Formats

All Passeli Merit API requests are composed of JSON and delivered as an HTTP request to the endpoint URL.

  • All JSON should be UTF-8 encoded.
  • Date and time values are of the form yyyyMMddHHmmss.
  • Preferred time zone in the API requests timestamp is UTC.
  • Dot (.) is used as a decimal separator.
  • Booleans are either “true” or “false”, lowercase (not 1 or 0).
  • Empty values, represented as null should be lowercase.
  • Fields denoting percentages are passed as whole values, not decimals (e.g. 5 for five percent).

For GET request, we expect you send all the parameters inside request body element. If the language you’re using has problems doing that, you can also add the body to the parameter Param4Net.

Since November 2019 all endpoints accept POST method.

Language Classificator

  • ET – Estonian
  • EN – English
  • FI – Finnish
  • PL – Polish
  • SE – Swedish