Items List


Query Payload

IdGuidIf filled, next fields will be ignored
Code StrExact match
DescriptionStrBroad match
if filled, then stock code for current goods on hand report

Successful Result

The result for this request can be:

  1. empty result
  2. a certain item (if exact match is used and/or only one item is found)
  3. a list of items matching the broad match term.
  4. If filled LocationCode, then InventoryQty and InventoryCost for selected stock.

The result, if not empty, is the following object:

  • ItemId
  • Code
  • Name
  • UnitofMeasureName
  • Type
  • SalesPrice
  • InventoryQty
  • ReservedQty
  • VatTaxName
  • Usage
  • SalesAccountCode
  • PurchaseAccountCode
  • InventoryAccountCode
  • ItemCostAccountCode
  • DiscountPct
  • LastPurchasePrice
  • ItemUnitCost
  • InventoryCost
  • ItemGroupName
  • DefLoc_Name